Mohamed Khalil is our CEO and had the idea to do a startup mobile primary care practice. He had been wanting to open a mobile practice to give back to the community. He attended the Judson school in Scottsdale and also graduated from ASU with a degree in Civil Engineering. He has worked for many years in Sales and Marketing as an Auto Executive and most recently has spent the last several years heading up a hugely successful Mortgage Branch as the branch manager. He has a benevolent heart and appreciates being able to contribute to and grow our company and help our many senior patients in keeping their chronic illnesses under control. He is passionate about all aspects of Healthcare and is very concerned with the well being of our employees as well as our providers. He comes to us with amazing and innovative ideas and is adept at utilizing other concepts from previous work in business, to help our company grow, prosper and change for the better year over year.


President/ CFO
Garnering experience through over 20 years of experience in Finance and Marketing, Joey holds a degree from the University of Alaska, Anchorage. He is a Honorable Discharge from the United States Air Force, and is most proud of being a Husband and Father. His passion for the Medical field can be traced back to his pre-professional days as a patient at a local doctor’s office. The reason? He knows the patient experience can be enhanced, prioritizing the smile in the associates voice, making the patient feel valued.